Full Landscaping Design

No matter your landscape project size or details, our landscaping designers will work closely with you to create a scenery that is all-inclusive of all of your wants and needs. From a scenic escape to retreat to after work to the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, our team can do it all. From hardscape to landscapes, to a unique combination of the two, call Diamond Cut Landscaping Services today to get started.

Yard Maintenance

No matter the size, technicalities, or details of your yard, our team is here and prepared to help in any way possible. Maintenance can include but are not limited to, weed control, aeration, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, and more. Our team’s experience backed by professional equipment means that your yard, lawn, and landscaping will be left in immaculate condition. Call today to learn more!

Bed & Border Maintenance

Gardens and flower beds bring life, color, and happiness to any home. Depending on the seasons, they start to grow like crazy, often breaching the edge of your set borders, creating a messy and unkempt look. Our maintenance services help keep your home and gardens look magazine-worthy. For the best bed and border maintenance service in Penn Hills, PA, call Diamond Cut Landscaping Services today!


For the maximum absorption of nutrients, water, and more, our aeration services are ideal for those looking to keep a healthy, happy, and attractive lawn all year round. By creating small holes in your lawn, nutrients can penetrate the deepest layers around the roots of your lawn, allowing your lawn to grow strong. To learn more, call our professional team today!

Fall Clean-Up

It’s imperative for your yard to book a fall clean-up so that all dead and composting leaves get raked up. Letting them sit there allows them to become amazing breeding grounds for pests and insects. We can also update your seasonal flowers, mulch your yard where needed, and remove all grass clippings. Call today for your fall clean-up services in or around Penn Hills, PA.

Snow Removal

Do you have days where you’re running late to work and have to add an additional task to your morning routine of removing snow from your driveway, walkways, sidewalks, and more? Our team can come out and safely remove all snow and ice from your property so that you don’t have to stand behind a shovel once more and spend your free time removing all annoying snow. Head to our contact page now to get started and receive a free estimate.

Dethatching Services

Our dethatching services help keep your lawn alive and happy by removing the thick layer of dead plant material, better-allowing water, air, and nutrients to reach the soil better. Our team will help restore your lawn today with our professional services. Call now!

Mulching Services

With so many colors to pick from, all of our mulch has the benefit of keeping weeds at bay as well as helping retain soil moisture. Keep your landscaping healthy and sharp looking with the help of our mulching services in or around Penn Hills, PA.

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